Energy Agency of the Regions

EAR is coaching "climate- and energy model regions" on their way to energetic self sufficiency. EAR is permanent partner in different EU-projects in the programmes IEE and ETC. EAR is part of the network of apr. 380 european energy agencies.

EAR has 9 experts with multivarious competences and project experience in the fields of energy saving and renewable energy. One focal point of the energy plans for around 60 municipalities and 11 regions was always the use of biomass.
EAR made the project development for 40 biomass district heating plants (300 kW to 10 MW) and 10 biogas plants, energy plans for apr. 60 municipalities and 9 regions, technical advisory with focus on energy and transport for apr. 500 enterprises.
Besides the development of district heating projects employees of EAR were also involved in the founding of companies that are realising biogas projects and operating biogas plants and district heating plants in Lower Austria. There is a team of experienced colleagues (agriculturists, technicians, economists, biologists, space planners, regional advisors) who will be involved and cross linked by Otmar Schlager in this project.

EAR brings in expertise in transnational projects, managing, networking of different stakeholders for the joint developments. Integration of new regional stakeholders (e.g. mobile heating providers).

Project Personnel:

Otmar Schlager: Overall Management

Bernhard Schneider: Project Management, Reporting

Herbert Daberger: Financial Management

Bernadette Fraberger: Project Secretariat


C/O Energieagentur der Regionen
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A-3830 Waidhofen an der Thaya
Phone: +43 / (0)2842 / 21800