Agire - Agenzia per la Gestione Intelligente delle Risorse Energetiche

AGIRE, as in-house Energy Agency of the Province of Mantova (Partner of the project), participated in an "Alpine Space" project, "AlpEnergy" (2008/11), aimed at the definition and implementation of local "Smart Grids" based on the production and consumption of Renewable Energies.

AGIRE directly worked on the realization of a Pilot small local "Smart Grid" through a stable networking of energy producers (biomass power plant and PV systems) and consumers (schools).

AGIRE was set up to promote energy saving and RES in the province of Mantova, where the critical environmental situation, particularly the traditional thermoelectric energy production, requires a high effort to facilitate sustainable development through cleaner and greener energy use.

AGIRE offers its support to the local Authorities (main Shareholders) in the achievement of their objectives and strategic planning for renewable energies, as well as the development of a range of initiatives with other local, regional and national Subjects, providing furthermore technical support to the manufacturing and agricultural SMEs willing to implement innovative solutions in the field of RES and energy efficiency: informative Packages, Training Course, residential and Industrial buildings energy auditing, energy business plans, energy saving solutions, etc.

Particularly AGIRE co-ordinates "Fo.R.Agri.", a 2.7 Mln Euros Regional project in the field of RES applied to the agricultural field: many line actions aimed at the realization of small scale Pilot Projects. "Biomass from Cities pruning", for example, with the realization of a "Biomass Supply Station" for the production of biomass to be used in local heating plants (short wood-waste supply chain) avoiding the environmental problems of biomass transports from abroad.
A second line action concerns the project "Biomass from palustrine cane" (Mantova lakes and Mincio river are very rich with this plants).

AGIRE won the SEE Award - Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign 2008 in the "Demonstration & Dissemination" category with the project "Fo.R.Agri. Programme". In September, with the same project, AGIRE won the "KlimaEnergy Award 2011" of the Bozen Fair.

Moreover AGIRE is an Energy Service Company ESCO recognized by the Italian National Authority for the Electric Energy and Natural Gas, and a Research and Technology Transfer Center CRTT recognized by the Lombardy Region.

AGIRE's contribution concerns the communication of DANUBENERGY and the realization of technical feasibility studies on the production chain of bio-energy and bio-fuels together with demonstration actions.

The activities foreseen will help AGIRE to integrate the actions "Biomass from Cities pruning" (wood-waste supply chain) and "Biomass from palustrine cane" in a comprehensive Agro-Energy System.

Project Team:

Simone Stancari

Francesco Dugoni

Massimiliano Musci


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