BIOMASA, združenie právnických osôb

BIOMASA, Association of Legal Entities (BIOMASA) is a non-profit organisation joining municipalities, schools and health care institutions mostly in north-west Slovakia. BIOMASA was founded in 1999. During this period BIOMASA became the leader in the field of biomass utilisation in Slovakia.

Leaders of BIOMASA have been dealing with the field of biomass utilisation since 90s. Activities of BIOMASA include especially the wood pellets production, sales and delivery to end users. Followed by production and sales of heat, reconstruction of coal, coke boiler rooms into biomass ones, biomass promotion at Slovak market and last but not least the consulting and informative activities in these fields.

BIOMASA has developed a strong and stable market for pellets and after 10 years it can be claimed that more than 50% of the pellets produced by BIOMASA remain in Slovakia as a good trading commodity ensuring sustainable development of BIOMASA.

BIOMASA has built up a superior, modern and reliable unit with an annual production capacity of 12,000 tons. For the creation of the market it was necessary not only to build a unit for pellet production, but also to create the fundamental basis of pellet consumption. Therefore during the first two years BIOMASA built up 40 boiler-rooms of 25 kW - 2.5 MW and this ensured a first domestic consumption about 30%.

BIOMASA has invested to these boiler-rooms and now is operating and supplying them with own fuel and at the same time is operating on the market as a supplier of heat. In 2010 and 2011 BIOMASA is reconstructing 20 new boiler-rooms and in 2011 a majority of pellets will be directly consumed in Slovakia.

In a non profit activities BIOMASA create, develop and implement lot of non investment projects important for use of biomass, energy savings and regional development.
BIOMASA currently has 30 full time staff and approximately 12 in agreement.

BIOMASA has profound experience in European collaboration in the field:

Project Bestpellet (APVV Agency), 2011; Project Integrated logistic for Biomass use in SR (UNDP-GEF, LIFE III, MofEnv, Dexia bank SK), 2006; Project CHEFUB (Programme LIFE+ 2008), Project REGBIE+ (Programme IEE), 2009; Project ACCESS (Programme IEE 2004 – Altener).