CATRO Management Services d.o.o

CATRO is an International Management Group who connects local Government agencies and Associations with Experts. In so far CATRO is especially competent in the actions related to WP6 “capacity building”.

Through its core business, human resources management, CATRO has excellent contacts to local, regional and national authorities and other organisations which have a stake in the regional energy market. Some examples:

  • The Regional development agency RRA Mura d.o.o. ( in accordance with the Law on Balanced Regional Development Act carry out the tasks of promoting regional development in the "Mura Development Region", which covers an area of 27 municipalities
  • E-zavod ( is a non-profit development organisation, based in Ptuj, Slovenia. The scope of E-zavod activities is focused on supporting the sustainable development with implementation of projects from the fields of ecology, energy, innovation, and rural development.

The Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia (IzVRS,, Prleska Development (PRA giz  Agency, Mura Water Management Company (Mura VGP),  a local government agency and The Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation.
These close working relations already established will make sure that regional decision-makers and stakeholders can be effectively reached with the awareness-raising and sustainability issues which are so crucial for the project’s success.
The general manager of CATRO has worked for more than ten years on business development issues of CEE branches of large energy providers and guided renewable energy projects in SL, HU, PL, AT and DE in companies dealing with energy trading. She also participated in projects  specialized in the production of pellets and wood chips.

Besides regional coordination of activities and the inclusion of major stakeholders, Catro will apply its know-how and regional an international networks to the area of bio-energy in WP6 Capacity Building.

Project team:

Astrid Kiener

Maja Jemec


Vilharjeva Cesta 27
1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0) 1 620 88 40