Competence Centre Naturemanagement

The Competence Centre for Nature Management is a pioneer in bringing new renewable technologies, methodologies and best practices to the forefront of the region in order to help the regional farmer and forest owner community to access new possibilities The Competence Centre combines:

  • expertise in training and capacity building of nature management and sustainability topics
  • Renewable energy technology expertise
  • Access to regional public institutions
  • Technical Know-How
  • Disseminating expertise
  • Networking capabilities

Our experts have proven ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with people of different national and cultural backgrounds. To maintain our knowledge at the highest state of the art we keep in close contact on a continuing basis with the University of Agricultural Sciences in Vienna, Austria.

While the majority of clients are private sector companies (including agribusiness and the food industry), the company also works as project management provider for international donors, such as the EBRD, World Bank, United Nations, European Union and the Government of Austria.

CCN will transfer the improved bioenergy-production and INPUT/OUTPUT conditions to the riparian area of Lake Neusiedl (AT/HU border region).

Project Team:

Alexander Cserny
Bettina Hoeppel


Competence Centre Naturemanagement
Esterházyplatz 5
7000 Eisenstadt
Phone: +43 2682 63813