Environmental Technique Baden-Baden - Eigenbetrieb Umwelttechnik der Stadt Baden-Baden

As central environment service provider the Environment Technique Baden-Baden is supplying different municipal consumers with bio-energy and bio-fuels such as public schools and an academy.
The partner has significant experience with the planning and operation of large scale energy supplying plants.

As pioneer, since 2009 the Environmental Technique Baden-Baden has gained profound experiences with operating and optimising of the IFBB technology in regard to improve the environmentally friendly bioenergy production.

In this regard the collaboration with the University of Kassel (Department of Grassland Science and Renewable Plant Resources) has been established for the scientific back-up and the LIFE+ funded PROGRASS project.

By 2012 the first large-scale IFBB plant was been built on the municipal sewage plant of the Environmental Technique Baden-Baden. It is designed to be operated both as stand-alone, as well as add-on device for a neighbouring biogas-plant and sewage water plant.

Hence the the partner will be responsible for optimising the INPUT and PRODUCTION wing of the projects.
Having a team of well qualified engineers and experts in bioenergy production the LP will be responsible for the large scale optimisation and combustion tests of different input materials.

The results will be fed back into the transnational partnership and form the integral part of the transferable regional strategies of each of the nine “new” regions that plan to invest in the approach and technology.

Project Team:

Bernhard Schäfer

Olaf Herrmann


Briegelackerstraße 8

76532 Baden-Baden

+49 7221 931510