Energetická agentura Zlínskéhohttpkraje, o.p.s. - Energy Agency of the Zliin Region

EAZK participates in suggesting and implementation of strategic documents and policies of the Zlín region in the field of energy, environment and innovations. Representatives of the agency are involved in the process of consultation and suggesting of national legislative documents and policies as members of various committees and working groups both on regional and national level.
The director of the agency is representing the agency and the whole Zlín region in following national working groups:

  •  - working group for production and distribution of energy in the Czech Republic established in the frame of the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic
  • - team established by the Council of government for sustainable development in energetic.

The team was established within the Working group for Agenda 21 with Minister of Environment as its leader.

EAZK dispose of a rich experience in the field of defining the needs of towns and villages of the Zlín region. This experience has been gained during long years of agency activities when many conceptual documents both for region and municipalities were developed and implemented.

EAZK also supports the region and the municipalities to gain financial sources from existing funds to develop their own energy concepts. It acts as an independent advisor during the process of the development of these energy concepts and finally the agency participates in implementation of the recommendations of these concepts. The energy agency has initialized and developed 226 successful RES and energy efficiency projects in total value more than,- CZK (83.000.000,- EUR) during its existence.

These projects were realized by the region, municipalities, companies, housing associations and individuals. Great share of these project were co-financed by Structural Funds of EU.

EAZK contributes to the implementation of strategic policies of the Zlín region in the field of energy, environment and innovations. Coordinating A 5.2: Explorative socio-economic studies to prepare investments.

Project Team:

Tomas Perutka

Radek Sedlacik


Energy agency of the Zlín region

T?ída T. Bati 21

76190 Zlin

Czech Republic

Phone: +420577043945