Improving eco-efficiency of bio-energy production and supply in riparian areas of the Danube river basin and other floodplains in Central Europe



DANUBENERGY is a 30 months project funded by the INTERREG CENTRAL EUROPE from 2012 to 2014.


It builds on a an innovative technology (IFBB) that is able to convert formerly unused biomass into valuable bio-fuels.


With that DANUBENERGY contributes both to exploration and utilisation of new bio-energy inputs and to a diversity oriented management of abandoned sites.


With the concrete implementation of a model example in nine countries in parallel, the project  will clarify, which technical possibilities and methodological approaches are applicable to improve the production, the efficiency, the supply and the transnational cooperation in the field of production of renewable energy in Central Europe.



DANUBENERGY strives for:

  • Production of a storable solid fuel with a highly energy-efficient process
  • Utilisation of extensively produced biomass from riparian grassland and landscape management areas, which can neither be used in animal feeding nor in conventional energy conversion technologies