Sárvári HUKE Hulladékkezelési Kft - Sárvári HUKE Waste Treatment Ltd

Sárvári HUKE Waste Treatment Ltd., performs its operation within a national wide available waste management service network performed by 11 waste treatment and management companies offering following services:

  • complex treatment of industrial and household waste
  • waste collection, transport, processing and  PET- glass recycling
  • plastic processing: grind and pelletizing - production from washed PET-flakes
  • operating selective collection points
  • environmental consulting and elaboration of
  • waste management concepts and plans

All to this waste treatment proceedings related management and transport logistic systems as well as technology equipment was developed by the 11 member companies of HUKE Group.

CEO Mr. Rudolf Wiedner developed an innovative "biogas treatment process line" for expires edible goods like meat and other groceries in collaboration with “Pálhalma Biogas Plant” operators. Operation of this biogas plant is “CO2-Certificated” following Kyoto Protocol Joint Implementation regulations according Austrian JI-Carbon .Trading Programme since 2005.

HUKE contributes to the invention of technology in HU, to disseminate it in the energy production proceedings and to interconnect it here with biogas production.

Project Team:

Rudolf Wiedner
Wolfgang Lehner


Sárvári HUKE Waste Treatment Ltd.

Ikervári u. 23

H 9600 Sárvár


Phone:+36 209527347

www.huke.hu (English)