29.09.2014 13:36 Age: 9 yrs
By: Helmut Harder

Green Chemistry for Mantova

DanubEnergy partner Agire will present our project at the Lombardian regional seminar for green chemistry.

view on Mantova

City of Mantova

On October 15th Simone Stancari of the Italian DanubEnergy partner Agire will introduce the DanubEnergy project at the Lombardian cluster seminar "Green chemistry - a regional development opportunity" in Mantova. Simone will focus his presentation on the chances offered by DanubEnergy for a sustainable conversion of the chemistry cluster of Mantova. An in-depth introduction to the IFBB technology will be provided, and a scenario to implement the technology as an add-on to the municipal sewage works will be developed. 

Location and programme of the seminar including a link to the registration form are available here (in Italian).