02.10.2014 14:50 Age: 9 yrs
By: Helmut Harder

DANUBERGY at the International Summer University in Karnitz (Germany)

How is climate change best communicated in cross-media presentations?

View of Lake Kammerow

Lake Kammerow in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

The hot topic of the Summer University (SUI) in Karnitz was “trans-media story telling on climate change”. Ways were explored how climate change (mitigation and adaptation) can be communicated in a cross-media applications (films, biography and photo exhibitions, “new media” incl. video and audio stories). The  idea of this approach is create a general climate awareness and a climate culture thus address also people normally not much interested in clima topics.

The Summer University attracted an international audience from DE, GR, IT, FR and also from Serbia, Chile and Ecuador. DanubEnergy was presented as an reference project on the Summer University by our communication coordinator Tim Scholze. During an excursion to the wetlands of the Lake Kummorow, regional stakeholders showed a lot of interest in IFBB and the PROGRASS approach to support a nature-friendly, extensive use of these wetlands. The idea was born to integrate the region into the PROGRASS community.

Another visit to Malchin was carried out and both the city and the College for Managing Sustainable Development (KMNE) and the Climate Culture Communication Lab (CCCL) in Berlin will join a project group working on the renaturing of mires (fenns) supported by the concepts developed in PROGRASS and DanubEnergy. Eventually also our new friends from Malchin and Berlin will join the PROGRASS week in Baden-Baden and at the Bodensee (7-9/10/14) to collect the DanubEnergy regional stories and transform them in web-based pieces of “docu-arts”.

Collaborative workspace

On the PROGRASS hub a semi-open workspace has been created to host this workgroup. Everybody seriously interested in the matter is warmely invited to participate. In order to access this space a registration to the PROGRASS HuB is required.