26.08.2013 15:10 Age: 8 yrs

Second mobile demo plant roadshow was a full success

In the end of June, a large blue truck trailer with two containers on it stopped in a small and sleepy Austrian town.

A few days later the place was busy as a bee-hive: 80 selected guests were there to have a look at the PROGRASS technology, to listen to expert contributions, discuss the practical potential of the potential for the region, to crumble and smell the press cake in their own hands, and the overall consensus was that in a time of priority for energy self-supply we should no longer let harvested wetland grass rot in bales at heaps behind the farmsteads.

In the following week, the mobile plant was shown to further vistitors, and a workshop in the beginning of August brought together 30 farmers and farming experts to discuss the interrelated questions of econoimic feasibility and harvesting logistics. After this workshop, all the pressing and briquetting technology was stored again into the trailer to prepare it for its next stay in Austria's very East - in the Burgenland region.

What was left behind is one wast collection enterprise calculating the business case of having grass biomass from household collections pressed, one group of farmes from the other side of the Danube thinking about possible use of the technology in their district, and a group of extperts from neighboring Southern Bohemia collecting data for a feasibility study as well - a rich harvest. We will keep you informed on further steps taken!