21.10.2013 15:11 Age: 8 yrs

PROGRASS could well become an element of the European Danube Strategy

Within the framework of the European Danube Strategy, the countries of the Danube catchments area have agreed on political priorities for regional develoment and for increased cohesion.

Among them are all four pillars of the PROGRASS concept - renewable energies, flood prevention, agrarian income generation and biodiversity - this is why DanubEnergy has the potential to considerably contribute to the strategy in all Danube region locations, in which there is a high share of floodplains. The project has been presented to decision-makers of this program, and DanubEnergy has set out the target to convince all Danube Strategy member states to incorporate over-maturely harvested and unused grassland into their bioenergy potential analysis as a first step towards what could be called the rare case of "beneficiary exploitation" - the use of grass for energy purposes coupled with the achievement of ecological and economic benefits.