12.06.2014 14:58 Age: 7 yrs
By: Loredana Ceccacci

Horizon 2020 Funding

Horizon 2020 supports the production of advanced bio-energy

Horizon 2020


EU's Horizon 2020 programme includes many funding opportunities to make bio-energy more competitive and sustainable. Find below a selection of three relevant calls still open under the third pillar “Societal Challenge”:



LCE-12-2014: Demonstrating advanced biofuel technologies 

Proposals should address advanced testing of bio-fuel technologies at large industrial scale, to reduce the technological risks and to pave the way for subsequent first-of-a-kind, commercial-scale industrial demonstration projects.

Deadline: 10/09/2014


LCE-11-2015: Developing next generation technologies for biofuels and sustainable alternative fuels

From this action a favourable energy balance is expected, as well as a significant potential for cost reduction, which would permit these fuels to eventually compete favourably with fossil or older-generation equivalent fuels.

Deadline: 03/09/2014


LCE-14-2015: Market uptake of existing and emerging sustainable bioenergy

From this action an increase of sustainable bio-energy share in the final energy consumption is expected.

Deadline: 03/03/2015 

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