11.02.2013 10:45 Age: 9 yrs


The DANUBENERGY project had its Kick-off meeting on January 21st to 23rd in the Waldviertel at the lead partner's location in Austria.

After the preliminary meeting in Witzenhausen in October and a rather complicated start-up phase we are happy that the project is gaining speed now.

The subsidy contract was issued shortly before Christmas and signed in January.

In the Waldviertel we worked on all formal issues in the starting phase, budget and reporting and fixed the demonstration tour of the mobile IFBB-plant and the major parts of the work programme.

In early February the DANUBENERY website is still in an initial stage due to the early stage of the project. However it will be quickly developed.

On this website you find information on the DANUBENERGY project, the background, its objectives and the expected impact ("home""). In the partner-section you get information on the 11 project partners.

Further information on the technique and the previous project you find on the website www.prograss.eu.