31.10.2013 15:11 Age: 9 yrs

PROGRASS and flood prevention

The flooding of large parts of the Elbe and Danube river basins and lots of towns in smaller valleys in June has drastically raised political awareness about the necessity to rethink measures.

Map of 2013 European floods
Photo: Alexrk2
Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0
Original can be found here.

A couple of so-called "10-year" and even "100-years'" events during the time span of a decade have made quite quite clear by now that floodings are something the European societies have to learn to live with - and that we have to overcome the menatlity of "flood protection" and move towards flood prevention. When seeing Central Europe as a family of regions which are in permanent contact with each other, we can no longe accept the simple concept of "sending the big water downstream". Large parts of the valley areas will have to be dedicated to act as retention zones regularely subjected to flooding. In some areas, dams will have to be moved in order to widen the run-off profiles. The authors of flood prevention plans should know the PROGRASS concept - only then they can optimally combine prevention with bioenergy production, rural development and the conservation of natural habitats. Therefore we ask you, if you are in whatever kind involved in flood prevention activities in Central Europe, to contact the nearest-by DanubEnergy project partner or the lead partner (office@danubenergy.eu) - he will provide further information and offer support.

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