14.02.2014 10:42 Age: 9 yrs

Partnermeeting Dec. 2nd-3rd, 2013, Vienna

The project Danubenergy strongly relies on transnational cooperation by making used of the well-mixed team made up of researchers, planners, authorities, energy agencies and consultants.

Thus it was necessary to meet three times in 2013. The third meeting took place in Vienna, and put a focus on financial planning. After a year and half of project work it was the right time to evaluate, to which extent the budget structure fit to the needs arising from proper and efficient implementation.

Each partner was given the occasion to discuss individual needs with the financial manager, while others had the opportunity to discuss upcoming technical issues with the relevant work package coordinators. In addition, there was a steering committee session. The time schedule and location selection for all remaing partner meetings and for a transnational conference were fixed.

For all open points, a generally accepted to-do list was adopted.