16.05.2014 11:56 Age: 9 yrs
By: Helmut Harder

Combustion tests have started in Baden-Baden

Gras pellets as solid fuel - what kind of substrate is best suited?

Silage bails

Silage bails waiting for processing.

Boiler Baden-Baden

2 x 446kW boiler in Baden-Baden used for the Danubenergy combustion tests.

First results of combustion test

Pollutants: wood chips, grass pellets, and legal limits.

During the last weeks a large quantity of silage bails arrived at the site of sedentary IFBB plant in Baden-Baden (Germany). The DanubEnergy partners harvested  green material typical for their regions and sent the bails to Baden-Baden. Here the material is IFBB processed and the quality of the produced grass pellets is examined.

Centrat part of the procedure are combustions tests performed by Environmental Technique Baden-Baden with scientific support of Kassel University. First results demonstrate that the combustion of grass pellets meets all regulative emission thresholds, although the values for grass pellets are slightly inferior to those of wood chips. 

On a smaller scale, similiar tests will also be run at the site of Kassel University.

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