20.06.2014 15:38 Age: 8 yrs
By: Helmut Harder

BlueConrad is moving on!

Last chances to see the DanubEnergy demonstration-unit BlueConrad in operation - July, 2nd (Steinach, Bavaria) and September (Poland).

Blue Conrad on the road

The DanubEnergy demonstration tour of the IFBB technology continues. On the 2nd July the prototype unit Blue Conrad will be part of the Steinacher Gr├╝nlandtag at the Staatliche Versuchsstelle Steinach, Oberniedersteinbach 7, D-94347 Ascha. During the event all essential technical steps of IFBB can be examined in operation: hydrothermal conditioning, mechanical separation of press cake and press fluid, digesting, biogas burner, drying system, and briquette press.

The Gr├╝nlandtag starts at 9:00 a.m. and ends at approximately 15:00 p.m., the complete programm is available here.

In September Blue Conrad will move on to Poland, and will be on display in the Poznan region. Exact dates and location will be announced here as soon as available.