As opposed to intensive agriculture, DanubEnergy favours utilization of semi-natural grasslands and riparian areas with mowings only once or twice a year.  This preserves the natural ecosystems and the diversity of species in the respective areas.

For example, recently colleagues from the UK have discussed issues around the management of roadside verges as a strategic resource to support biodiversity enhancement in general and pollinators in particular.  A particular concern is the need to deal with arisings if cut and collect mowing is to be adopted.
For these reasons we established a workgroup of individuals who want to exchange know-how and ideas on biodiversity, discuss new approaches and interfaces, include more people and eventually develop new projects in the future.


Collaborative workspace

On the PROGRASS hub a semi-open workspace has been created to host this workgroup. Everybody seriously interested in the matter is warmely invited to participate. In order to access this space a registration to the PROGRASS HuB is required.