Flood prevention


The large flooding in Central Europe in May/June 2013 and, more recently, the river Sava flooding in Serbia and Bosnia in May 2014 have demonstrated the utmost importance of flood prevention. Preservation and restoration of flood plains as natural retention areas is obviously a crucial part of reducing the risks of such catastrophic flood events. The European Union supports such kind of preventive actions by transnational river basin management plans within the EU water framework directive. The DanubEnergy project contributes to flood prevention since it opens the possibility to utilize semi-natural riparian areas by a combination of bio-energy production, rural development and conservation of natural habitats.


Collaborative workspace

On the PROGRASS hub a semi-open workspace has been created to host this workgroup. Everybody seriously interested in the matter is warmely invited to participate. In order to access this space a registration to the PROGRASS HuB is required.